Ledge Water Steakhouse has been consistently serving exceptional food for over a decade. We are experienced and passionate about the quality of our food and the fine dining experience of our guests. Our goal is to serve you the best culinary delicacies that will satisfy your taste buds in a setting that creates lasting memories.

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Our History

Most Loved Steak House

Our steak story dates back to 2010 when our family discovered the quaint town of Bristol, NH in the Lakes Region. Wanting to combine the beauty of Newfound Lake with the urge of serving the most delicious recipes in a rustic mountain setting, it was then that the Ledge Water Steakhouse was founded.

Seeing the love that travelers from all over had for our steaks, we extended our menu to offer and serve even more variety on the table. Since those early days, Ledge Water has become famous not only for our perfectly cooked steaks but also for our wide array of mouth-watering desserts.

Come in and experience our Legendary Steaks and Cakes. We are proud of our reputation as the best Steakhouse in town serving thousands of satisfied customers every season. We are humbled by the love we’ve received and continue to strive at giving you the best.

I've been hearing for years about how amazing this place is and how I simply have to go here. The view of Newfound Lake from the Ledges Steakhouse is simply extraordinary, especially as the sun is setting. The establishment itself is simply adorable. It is so tastefully decorated and landscaped. You can tell the owners take a great deal of pride of ownership and it comes across in the quality of the food too. The staff was amazing and attentive even though they were incredibly busy. But the real reason for the 5-star rating (I'd give 10 stars if I could), is simply the food itself. I have frequented many steakhouses over the years, and I can say with all honesty that this was the best steak I have ever had. It's often that you find the most incredible food off the beaten path, and this was really a hidden gem. Don't miss out on the Ledges because you are denying yourself one of the best culinary delicacies in the entire Lakes Region of NH.
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Katie T
Ledge Water is without a doubt the nicest steak house in the Lakes Region (better than The New Woodshed - not even close), and it has the best views of any of the nicer dining establishments. The staff is great, very kind.. I had the lamb, my wife had the stuffed shrimp. One of our guests had the Lion’s Mane mushroom - everything was great. The salads were tasty; lettuce wedge and Caesar. They were gluten free (“gf”) aware and there were great options. The desserts are Enormous. Like the size of pizzas. Giant, good looking cakes.
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Fred Lybrand
Ledge Water has stunning views! The service was pretty steady and the food was unbelievably good. I had the garlic parmesan steak tips, which were a special, and I think it might have been the best steak I've ever eaten.
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Kristin Foster